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LibBoard::Board::State Struct Reference

#include <Board/Board.h>

Public Member Functions

 State ()
double unit (const double &x)
Point unit (const Point &p)
void unit (Shape &shape)

Data Fields

DGtal::Color penColor
DGtal::Color fillColor
double lineWidth
Shape::LineStyle lineStyle
Shape::LineCap lineCap
Shape::LineJoin lineJoin
Fonts::Font font
double fontSize
double unitFactor

Detailed Description

Current graphical state for drawings made by the drawSomething() methods.

Definition at line 940 of file Board.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ State()

LibBoard::Board::State::State ( )

Definition at line 91 of file Board.cpp.

95 lineWidth = 0.5;
96 lineStyle = Shape::SolidStyle;
97 lineCap = Shape::ButtCap;
98 lineJoin = Shape::MiterJoin;
100 fontSize = 11.0;
101 unitFactor = 1.0;
static const Color None
Definition: Color.h:412
static const Color Black
Definition: Color.h:413
DGtal::Color penColor
Definition: Board.h:941
Shape::LineJoin lineJoin
Definition: Board.h:946
Shape::LineCap lineCap
Definition: Board.h:945
Fonts::Font font
Definition: Board.h:947
Shape::LineStyle lineStyle
Definition: Board.h:944
DGtal::Color fillColor
Definition: Board.h:942

References DGtal::Color::Black, fillColor, font, fontSize, lineCap, lineJoin, lineStyle, lineWidth, DGtal::Color::None, penColor, LibBoard::Fonts::TimesRoman, and unitFactor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ unit() [1/3]

double LibBoard::Board::State::unit ( const double &  x)

◆ unit() [2/3]

Point LibBoard::Board::State::unit ( const Point p)

Definition at line 952 of file Board.h.

952{ return Point( p.x * unitFactor, p.y * unitFactor); }
MyPointD Point
Definition: testClone2.cpp:383

References unitFactor.

◆ unit() [3/3]

void LibBoard::Board::State::unit ( Shape shape)

Definition at line 953 of file Board.h.

953{ shape.scaleAll( unitFactor ); }

References LibBoard::Shape::scaleAll(), and unitFactor.

Field Documentation

◆ fillColor

DGtal::Color LibBoard::Board::State::fillColor

◆ font

Fonts::Font LibBoard::Board::State::font

The font.

Definition at line 947 of file Board.h.

Referenced by LibBoard::Board::drawText(), LibBoard::Board::setFont(), and State().

◆ fontSize

double LibBoard::Board::State::fontSize

The font size.

Definition at line 948 of file Board.h.

Referenced by LibBoard::Board::drawText(), LibBoard::Board::setFont(), LibBoard::Board::setFontSize(), and State().

◆ lineCap

Shape::LineCap LibBoard::Board::State::lineCap

◆ lineJoin

Shape::LineJoin LibBoard::Board::State::lineJoin

◆ lineStyle

Shape::LineStyle LibBoard::Board::State::lineStyle

◆ lineWidth

double LibBoard::Board::State::lineWidth

◆ penColor

DGtal::Color LibBoard::Board::State::penColor

◆ unitFactor

double LibBoard::Board::State::unitFactor

The factor to be applied to arguments of the drawSomething() family.

Definition at line 949 of file Board.h.

Referenced by LibBoard::Board::operator<<(), LibBoard::Board::setUnit(), State(), and unit().

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