DGtal 1.3.0
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demo-kernel-1.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include "DGtal/base/Common.h"
#include "DGtal/kernel/SpaceND.h"
#include "DGtal/helpers/StdDefs.h"
#include "DGtal/kernel/domains/HyperRectDomain.h"
#include "DGtal/io/boards/Board2D.h"

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int main ()

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An example file named demo-kernel-1.

This file is part of the DGtal library.

Definition in file demo-kernel-1.cpp.

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int main ( void  )

Definition at line 50 of file demo-kernel-1.cpp.

52 // define digital space and domain
54 typedef MySpace::Point MyPoint;
55 typedef HyperRectDomain<MySpace> MyDomain;
56 // define points in this domain
57 MyPoint p1(-3,-4);
58 MyPoint p2(10,4);
59 MyPoint p3(5,1);
60 MyDomain domain(p1,p2);
61 // 2D display
62 Board2D board;
63 board << domain;
64 board << p1 << p2 << p3;
65 board.saveSVG("demo-kernel-1.svg");
66 board.saveEPS("demo-kernel-1.eps");
67 return 0;
Aim: This class specializes a 'Board' class so as to display DGtal objects more naturally (with <<)....
Definition: Board2D.h:71
Aim: Parallelepidec region of a digital space, model of a 'CDomain'.
void saveEPS(const char *filename, PageSize size=Board::BoundingBox, double margin=10.0) const
Definition: Board.cpp:805
void saveSVG(const char *filename, PageSize size=Board::BoundingBox, double margin=10.0) const
Definition: Board.cpp:1012
Domain domain

References domain, LibBoard::Board::saveEPS(), and LibBoard::Board::saveSVG().