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DGtal::DistanceFromDCAEstimator< DCAComputer > Class Template Reference

#include <DGtal/geometry/curves/estimation/SegmentComputerEstimators.h>

Inheritance diagram for DGtal::DistanceFromDCAEstimator< DCAComputer >:
DGtal::detail::PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator< DCAComputer, detail::DistanceFromDCA >

Public Member Functions

 DistanceFromDCAEstimator ()
 DistanceFromDCAEstimator (const DistanceFromDCAEstimator &other)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DGtal::detail::PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator< DCAComputer, detail::DistanceFromDCA >
 PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator ()
 PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator (const PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator &other)
PosDepScaleDepSCEstimatoroperator= (const PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator &other)
 ~PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator ()
bool isValid () const
void init (const double h, const ConstIterator &itb, const ConstIterator &ite)
void attach (const SegmentComputer &aSC)
Quantity eval (const ConstIterator &it) const
OutputIterator eval (const ConstIterator &itb, const ConstIterator &ite, OutputIterator result) const

Private Types

typedef detail::PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator< DCAComputer, detail::DistanceFromDCASuper

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DGtal::detail::PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator< DCAComputer, detail::DistanceFromDCA >
typedef DCAComputer SegmentComputer
typedef SegmentComputer::ConstIterator ConstIterator
typedef typename Functor::Value Quantity
- Data Fields inherited from DGtal::detail::PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator< DCAComputer, detail::DistanceFromDCA >
double myH
ConstIterator myBegin
ConstIterator myEnd
const SegmentComputermySCPtr
detail::DistanceFromDCA myFunctor

Detailed Description

template<typename DCAComputer>
class DGtal::DistanceFromDCAEstimator< DCAComputer >

Description of class 'DistanceFromDCAEstimator'

Aim: estimates the (Euclidean) distance of some points to the separating circle of a DCA recognized by a segment computer, basically geometricDCA.

Template Parameters
DCAComputera model of segment computer devoted the DCA recognition

Definition at line 1197 of file SegmentComputerEstimators.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Super

template<typename DCAComputer >
typedef detail::PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator<DCAComputer, detail::DistanceFromDCA> DGtal::DistanceFromDCAEstimator< DCAComputer >::Super

Definition at line 1203 of file SegmentComputerEstimators.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DistanceFromDCAEstimator() [1/2]

template<typename DCAComputer >
DGtal::DistanceFromDCAEstimator< DCAComputer >::DistanceFromDCAEstimator ( )

Default Constructor.

Definition at line 1209 of file SegmentComputerEstimators.h.

1209: Super() {};
detail::PosDepScaleDepSCEstimator< DCAComputer, detail::DistanceFromDCA > Super

◆ DistanceFromDCAEstimator() [2/2]

template<typename DCAComputer >
DGtal::DistanceFromDCAEstimator< DCAComputer >::DistanceFromDCAEstimator ( const DistanceFromDCAEstimator< DCAComputer > &  other)

Copy constructor.

otherthe object to clone.

Definition at line 1214 of file SegmentComputerEstimators.h.

1214: Super(other) {};

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