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DGtal::CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator< DSSComputer > Class Template Reference

#include <DGtal/geometry/curves/estimation/SegmentComputerEstimators.h>

Inheritance diagram for DGtal::CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator< DSSComputer >:
DGtal::detail::CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator< DSSComputer, detail::CurvatureFromDSSLength >

Public Member Functions

 CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator ()
 CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator (const CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator &other)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DGtal::detail::CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator< DSSComputer, detail::CurvatureFromDSSLength >
 BOOST_CONCEPT_ASSERT ((concepts::CUnaryFunctor< detail::CurvatureFromDSSLength, SegmentComputer, Quantity >))
 CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator ()
 CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator (const CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator &other)
CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimatoroperator= (const CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator &other)
 ~CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator ()
bool isValid () const
void init (const double h, const ConstIterator &itb, const ConstIterator &ite)
Quantity eval (const ConstIterator &)
OutputIterator eval (const ConstIterator &itb, const ConstIterator &ite, OutputIterator result)
void attach (const SegmentComputer &aSC)

Private Types

typedef detail::CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator< DSSComputer, detail::CurvatureFromDSSLengthSuper

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DGtal::detail::CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator< DSSComputer, detail::CurvatureFromDSSLength >
typedef DSSComputer SegmentComputer
typedef DSSComputer::ConstIterator ConstIterator
typedef double Quantity
- Data Fields inherited from DGtal::detail::CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator< DSSComputer, detail::CurvatureFromDSSLength >
double myH
ConstIterator myBegin
ConstIterator myEnd
const SegmentComputermySCPtr
detail::CurvatureFromDSSLength myFunctor

Detailed Description

template<typename DSSComputer>
class DGtal::CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator< DSSComputer >

Description of class 'CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator'

Aim: estimates the curvature from a DSS recognized by a segment computer.

The curvature \( k \) is defined from the discrete length \( l \) of a DSS as follow: \( 1/k = l*l/8 + 1/2 \)

Adaption from Coeurjolly, D. and Miguet, S. and Tougne, L. "Discrete Curvature Based on Osculating Circle Estimation", Proc. IWVF, LNCS, vol 2059, pp.303-312, 2001

In this approach, the DSS is viewed as the chord at a distance h (the grid step) to the osculating circle. Unfortunately, maximal DSS are in general too short.

Template Parameters
DSSComputera model of segment computer devoted the DSS recognition

Definition at line 1548 of file SegmentComputerEstimators.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Super

template<typename DSSComputer >
typedef detail::CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator<DSSComputer, detail::CurvatureFromDSSLength > DGtal::CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator< DSSComputer >::Super

Definition at line 1552 of file SegmentComputerEstimators.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator() [1/2]

template<typename DSSComputer >
DGtal::CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator< DSSComputer >::CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator ( )

Default Constructor.

Definition at line 1558 of file SegmentComputerEstimators.h.

1558: Super() {};
detail::CurvatureFromDSSBaseEstimator< DSSComputer, detail::CurvatureFromDSSLength > Super

◆ CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator() [2/2]

template<typename DSSComputer >
DGtal::CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator< DSSComputer >::CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator ( const CurvatureFromDSSLengthEstimator< DSSComputer > &  other)

Copy constructor.

otherthe object to clone.

Definition at line 1563 of file SegmentComputerEstimators.h.

1563: Super(other) {};

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