We are happy to announce the release 1.4 of DGtal and its tools. As always,many new features, edits and bugfixes are listed in the Changelog, and we would like to thank all devs involved in this release. In this short review, we would like to only focus on selected new features.

You can follow us on a new Discord server.

  • New Features:
    • Implicit shapes can be constructed from point clouds using generalized winding numbers from libIGL.
    • SurfaceMesh instances can be updated through flip operations.
    • Lattice polytopes describing segments or triangles can be constructed in a much more efficient manner.
    • Update of the Discrete Polygonal Calculus module to construct a calculus on a corrected geometry (when the discrete tangent planes are given by user-provided normal vectors).
    • A brand new style for the DGtal documentation.
    • DGtal now requires C++17 compilers.
  • DGtalTools/DGtalTools-contrib:
    • New volscope tool in DGtalTools for quick visualization of VOL files.
    • New tools to edit and color meshes in DGtaltools-contrib (polyMeshEdit and polyMeshColorize)
  • Project Management. Many updates of the DGtal repository: new documentation style, new CI and deploy bots for the python binding (using Github Actions), easier build on Windows, many bug and warning fixes…