We are thrilled to announce the release 1.3 of DGtal and its tools. Many new features, edits and bugfixes are listed in the Changelog, and we would like to thank all devs involved in this release. In this short review, we would like to only focus on selected new features.

  • Geometry processing: many new features for the geometry processing of digital objects and surfaces
    • a new differential calculus framework for polygonal meshes and digital surfaces (scalar field and vector field processing on surfaces)
    • Faster digital convexity tests in the convexity module, and a brand new fully convex digital envelope module, allowing a new convexity based definition of digital polyhedra.
  • Volumetric analysis: now the volumetric tools contains a new VoronoiMapComplete class that outputs the complete restriction to $\mathbb{Z}^d$ of the Voronoi diagram is a set of grid points (i.e. with all co-cyclic sites).

  • Many improvements in the build system.

Do not forget to have a look to the DGtal @ DGMM 2022 tutorials.