Dgtal 0 3 1 Released

Only 3 days after the last release, here you have a minor set of changes which fixes build problems on linux. Here you have the Changelog: Build bugfixes (linux/mac) New doc added (prelim. version): “Cellular grid space and topology,cells, digital surfaces” New example on domain range [Read More]

Dgtal 0 3 0 Is Out

Beside the DGtal presentation at DGCI 2011, we are pleased to announce a new DGtal release 0.3.0. New features: User-guide added (based on doxygen system) Kernel: new concepts and controls to enhance the Interger type management, new iterators (Range/SubRange) on HyperRectDomains. Topology: interpixel model added (cells, boundary tracking mechanisms,…) Geometry... [Read More]

Dgtal Dgci 2011

DGtal will be presented during DGCI 2011 conference (and a new release is scheduled for that event). More details  later…

Dgtal Presentations

During last January DGtal meeting, several presentations were given on different modules of the DGtal lib (release 0.2). DGtal Topology Module (PDF, en) Jacques-Olivier Lachaud DGtal 2D Geometry Module (PDF, fr) Tristan Roussillon

Dgtal Meeting

The next DGtal meeting will be in Lyon (LIRIS lab, Batiment Nautibus, TD12 room from 9a.m. to 5p.m.) on January 4th. If you want to attend, just send us a message on the mailing lists. Have a look to the mailing list archives for details on the program.