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Topology package
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Package Overview

This package contains digital topology related concepts, objects and methods which are used in other higher level packages. For example, it contains the classical topology tools (à la Rosenfeld), cartesian cellular topology, and digital surface topology (à la Herman). Generic tools and methods are provided for extracting connected components, identifying simple points, determining the neighborhood over a digital surface, tracking the boundary of a shape, defining cells and incidence operations. This package is notably used by the geometry package, especially to define curves and surfaces.

Since 0.4.1, high-level classes are provided to navigate onto digital surfaces and to represent the topology on the surface. Since 0.9.4, the topology of a 3D digital surface can be precomputed and stored as a half-edge data structure.

Since 0.9.1, a class for representing cubical complexes is provided and offers many services (incidence, closure, link, star, collapse, boundary, union, etc).

Since 0.9.4, there is a module that provides classes and services to represent combinatorial surfaces, based on an half-edge data structure.


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