DGtal 1.4.0
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How to use DGtal in my own project with other build systems?

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Bertrand Kerautret

In How to use DGtal in my own project ?, we have described a simple way to use DGtal in your own project with the cmake build system. We detail here hints to use DGtal with different systems.

Using qmake tools

To use the qmake tools provided by QT you have to edit the configuration file helloworld.pro to specify the use of the DGtal lib:

LIBS += -lDGtal
SOURCES += helloworld.cpp

If you plane to use 3d-viewer features you have to specify it by adding a definition transmitted to the compiler:


Moreover you also have to specify that you need to link the part of DGtal containing the 3D features (and add if needed the link with qglviewer ):

LIBS += -lDGtal -lDGtal-visu3d -framework qglviewer
If you want to use other optional DGtal dependencies (ITK), you have to add all associated DEFINES flags and LIBS variables.