DGtal  1.2.0
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testIntegralInvariantShortcuts.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include "DGtal/base/Common.h"
#include "ConfigTest.h"
#include "DGtalCatch.h"
#include "DGtal/helpers/StdDefs.h"
#include "DGtal/helpers/Shortcuts.h"
#include "DGtal/helpers/ShortcutsGeometry.h"
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typedef Shortcuts< Z3i::KSpaceSH3
typedef ShortcutsGeometry< Z3i::KSpaceSHG3


 TEST_CASE ("Testing IntegralInvariant Shortcuts API")

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Functions for testing class IntegralInvariantShortcuts.

This file is part of the DGtal library.

Definition in file testIntegralInvariantShortcuts.cpp.

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◆ SH3

Definition at line 46 of file testIntegralInvariantShortcuts.cpp.

◆ SHG3

Definition at line 47 of file testIntegralInvariantShortcuts.cpp.

Function Documentation


TEST_CASE ( "Testing IntegralInvariant Shortcuts API"  )

Definition at line 53 of file testIntegralInvariantShortcuts.cpp.

54 {
56  params( "polynomial", "goursat" )( "gridstep", 1. );
57  auto implicit_shape = SH3::makeImplicitShape3D ( params );
58  auto digitized_shape = SH3::makeDigitizedImplicitShape3D( implicit_shape, params );
59  auto binary_image = SH3::makeBinaryImage( digitized_shape, params );
60  auto K = SH3::getKSpace( params );
61  auto embedder = SH3::getCellEmbedder( K );
62  auto surface = SH3::makeLightDigitalSurface( binary_image, K, params );
63  auto surfels = SH3::getSurfelRange( surface, params );
65  trace.info() << "Nb surfels= " << surfels.size() << std::endl;
67  //Computing some differential quantities
68  params("r-radius", 3.0);
70  //We compute the curvature tensor, the mean and the Gaussian curvature
71  auto Tcurv = SHG3::getIIPrincipalCurvaturesAndDirections(binary_image, surfels, params);
72  auto Kcurv = SHG3::getIIGaussianCurvatures( binary_image, surfels, params);
74  std::vector<double> k1,k2,G;
75  for(auto &result: Tcurv)
76  {
77  k1.push_back( std::get<0>(result) );
78  k2.push_back( std::get<1>(result) );
79  G.push_back( ( std::get<0>(result) * std::get<1>(result)) );
80  }
82  SECTION("Testing that mean/Gaussian/tensor curvature shortucut values match")
83  {
84  for(std::size_t i = 0; i < G.size(); ++i)
85  REQUIRE( Kcurv[i] == Approx( G[i] ) );
86  }
87 }
static Scalars getIIGaussianCurvatures(CountedPtr< BinaryImage > bimage, const SurfelRange &surfels, const Parameters &params=parametersGeometryEstimation()|parametersKSpace())
static Parameters parametersGeometryEstimation()
static CurvatureTensorQuantities getIIPrincipalCurvaturesAndDirections(CountedPtr< BinaryImage > bimage, const SurfelRange &surfels, const Parameters &params=parametersGeometryEstimation()|parametersKSpace())
static Parameters defaultParameters()
static CountedPtr< ImplicitShape3D > makeImplicitShape3D(const Parameters &params=parametersImplicitShape3D())
Definition: Shortcuts.h:281
static CountedPtr< BinaryImage > makeBinaryImage(Domain shapeDomain)
Definition: Shortcuts.h:560
static KSpace getKSpace(const Point &low, const Point &up, Parameters params=parametersKSpace())
Definition: Shortcuts.h:331
static CountedPtr< DigitizedImplicitShape3D > makeDigitizedImplicitShape3D(CountedPtr< ImplicitShape3D > shape, Parameters params=parametersDigitizedImplicitShape3D())
Definition: Shortcuts.h:522
static SurfelRange getSurfelRange(CountedPtr< ::DGtal::DigitalSurface< TDigitalSurfaceContainer > > surface, const Parameters &params=parametersDigitalSurface())
Definition: Shortcuts.h:1546
static Parameters defaultParameters()
Definition: Shortcuts.h:202
static CountedPtr< LightDigitalSurface > makeLightDigitalSurface(CountedPtr< BinaryImage > bimage, const KSpace &K, const Parameters &params=parametersDigitalSurface())
Definition: Shortcuts.h:1061
static CanonicCellEmbedder< KSpace > getCellEmbedder(const KSpace &K)
Definition: Shortcuts.h:437
std::ostream & info()
Trace trace
Definition: Common.h:154
KSpace K
SECTION("Testing constant forward iterators")

References DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::defaultParameters(), DGtal::ShortcutsGeometry< TKSpace >::defaultParameters(), DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::getCellEmbedder(), DGtal::ShortcutsGeometry< TKSpace >::getIIGaussianCurvatures(), DGtal::ShortcutsGeometry< TKSpace >::getIIPrincipalCurvaturesAndDirections(), DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::getKSpace(), DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::getSurfelRange(), DGtal::Trace::info(), K, DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::makeBinaryImage(), DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::makeDigitizedImplicitShape3D(), DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::makeImplicitShape3D(), DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::makeLightDigitalSurface(), DGtal::ShortcutsGeometry< TKSpace >::parametersGeometryEstimation(), REQUIRE(), SECTION(), and DGtal::trace.