DGtal  1.2.0
Public Member Functions
DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::SCellWriter Struct Reference

#include <DGtal/helpers/Shortcuts.h>

Public Member Functions

void operator() (std::ostream &output, const KSpace &K, const SCell &scell)

Detailed Description

template<typename TKSpace>
struct DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::SCellWriter

Definition at line 2982 of file Shortcuts.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

template<typename TKSpace >
void DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::SCellWriter::operator() ( std::ostream &  output,
const KSpace K,
const SCell scell 

Definition at line 2983 of file Shortcuts.h.

2984  {
2985  CellWriter::operator()( output, K, K.unsigns( scell ) );
2986  output << " " << K.sSign( scell );
2987  }
void operator()(std::ostream &output, const KSpace &K, const Cell &cell)
Definition: Shortcuts.h:2967
KSpace K

References K, and DGtal::Shortcuts< TKSpace >::CellWriter::operator()().

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