DGtal  1.2.0
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 Patterns, digital straight lines and subsegments
 Integer computations
 Irreducible fraction, continued fractions
 Lattice polytopes in the digital plane ZxZ (convex polygons with vertices at integer coordinates)
 Arithmetic package
 Arithmetic Concepts and Models
 Parameter passing, cloning and referencing
 Using functions, functors and lambdas in DGtal
 Iterators and ranges
 Set operations on arbitrary containers
 Base package
 Base Concepts
 Piecewise-smooth approximation using a discrete calculus model of Ambrosio-Tortorelli functional
 Embedding n-dimensional DEC structures into m-dimensional space
 Helmoltz decomposition
 Discrete exterior calculus
 Poisson problem
 Heat Kernel Laplace–Beltrami Operator
 DEC package
 DEC Main Concepts
 Building DGtal
 Unit test in DGtal using Catch
 Git/Github source code management in DGtal
 How to use DGtal in my own project with other build systems?
 How to use DGtal in my own project ?
 DGtal python binding
 Shortcuts (for the impatient developper)
 Tutorial: Surface area estimation
 Tutorial "File -> Grid Curve -> Ranges"
 Tutorial: Local morphological opening of a 3d volume by the Fast Marching Method
 Tutorial "Image -> Region -> Grid curve -> Length estimation"
 Tutorial "Image -> Region -> Grid curve -> Extracting level set boundary from Image"
 Tutorial "Image -> Region -> Volume -> 3dVolViewer : a simple 3D volume viewer in less than 50 lines"
 Tutorial "Image -> ImageAdapter: some simple image manipulations"
 Tutorial "Image -> Region -> Distance Transformation"
 Tutorial: making a polyhedron from a digital object
 Tutorial "Generated shape -> Grid curve -> Length estimation"
 Tutorial: Volumetric analysis and Granulometry
 Alpha-thick Segment Recognition <br>
 Digital straight lines and segments <br>
 Detailed explanation of COBA plane recognition algorithm
 Digital convexity
 nD Fast Marching Methods
 Fr├ęchet Shortcuts
 Implementation of geometric predicates
 Analysis of one-dimensional discrete structures
 Convex hull and alpha-shape in the plane
 Integral invariant curvature estimator 2D/3D
 Local digital surface estimators from surfel functors
 Maximal segments and slices of digital surface based normal estimator
 Metric Spaces, Digital Metric Spaces and Related Concepts
 Digitization of 3D parametric curves
 Plane-probing based normal estimators
 Plane recognition and plane width computation
 QuickHull algorithm in arbitrary dimension for convex hull and Delaunay cell complex computation
 Digital surface regularization by normal vector alignment
 Digital surface regularization using the Shrouds algorithm
 Digital Voronoi Covariance Measure and geometry estimation
 nD Volumetric Analysis using Separable Processes
 Geometry package
 Geometry Concepts
 Interfacing with boost::graph library
 Basic graph definitions and concepts
 Graph package
 Graph Main Concepts
 Handle large images in DGtal
 Geometric transformations
 Image package
 Main Image Concepts
 Board2D: a stream mechanism for displaying 2D digital objects
 Display3D: a stream mechanism for displaying 3D DGtal objects
 Image and digital object import/export
 Extending the QGLViewer Viewer3D interface
 Limited interaction when using selection with QGLViewer Viewer3D stream mechanism
 IO package
 Sets of points in digital spaces
 Number and Integer Concepts
 Digital Spaces, Points, Vectors and Domains
 Kernel package
 Kernel Concepts
 Multivariate polynomials
 Mathematical package
 Math Main Concepts
 Half-edge data structure, triangulated surfaces and polygonal surfaces
 Manipulating Simple Mesh
 Mesh Voxelization
 Shapes, Shapers and Digitizers
 Surface mesh data structure for representing manifold or non-manifold polygonal surfaces in R3
 Shapes package
 Shapes Concepts
 Cellular grid space and topology, unoriented and oriented cells, incidence
 Cubical Complex
 Helpers for digital surfaces
 Digital surfaces
 Digital topology and digital objects
 Voxel Complex
 Topology package
 Topology Concepts and Models (part I, models of graph)
 Topology Concepts and Models (part II, digital surfaces, surfel predicates)
 Todo List
 Deprecated List