We are really excited to share with you the release 1.1 of DGtal and its tools. It has been a while since the last official release and the 1.1 release contains many interesting features. In the following, we just mention a couple of them but please have a look to the (huge) Changelog for a complete overview.

  • Geometry:
  • Shapes/Topology: New data structure to represent and process manifold and non-manifold polygonal surfaces #1503),
  • Project: better handling of DGtal dependencies (DGtal can now be included as a submodule in external projects), a refactoring of the git history to have a ligther project when cloning the repository (see he Changelog for more details)
  • DGtalTools/DGtalTools-contrib: Many new tools have been added (see Changelog for more details). All tools now parse their command line using CLI11 instead of the overkill boost::program_options (which is not required anymore, big thanks to Bertrand Kerautret and Phuc Ngo for the huge work on that).

We thanks all the developers, doc readers and DGtal fans for their work/comments/feedback on this release.

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