Following the presentation of DGtal during DGCI 2011, we are pleased to invite you to the 2nd DGtal library meeting in Lyon, France ( During this 5 day meeting, the first one (9h-17h30) will be devoted to Tutorials and Demos (How to use the lib ? How to be involved in DGtal development, presentations of DGtal tools & modules, general discussions on DGtal directions, …). This first day should be perfect for persons interested in the library and DGtal beginners. Presentations will be given by DGtal developers. The optional following 4 days are devoted to code sessions, technical discussions, plans for future,… It would be a good be the opportunity for new participants to take part to this project by discussing about future DGTal modules or help us on existing ones. A complete program will be available soon on DGtal site In the meantime, you can have a look to the source code on the DGtal github project: If you would like to participate to the tutorial session (or even better, to the whole meeting), just reply or send us an email (